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Social Media Community Guidelines

IMAGENET Social Media Community Guidelines

Welcome to the IMAGENET community!

The mission of IMAGENETis to connect people through photography, video, and illustration to tell local stories about our contributors and make their music more discoverable. As a team, we're dedicated to creating an unparalleled customer and contributor experience.

We follow our values in everything we do from our daily interactions with one another to our business decisions. Our social media communities are an area for patrons and creativities alike to ask questions, share experiences, offer ideas, collaborate and grow.

IMAGENET‘s Commitment To Our Community

We aim to make enlightened, delightful, helpful communities centered on sharing data, motivating one another, and establishing a conversation.

We’ll do our greatest to speak about the topics that are important to you, hear your feedback, answer your questions and communicate openly.

In support of diversity, inclusion, and equity, we are determined to make a positive impact. To that end, we strive to enclose our community in a protected space, where everyone is welcome to engage in the discussion - regardless of age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, religion, shape, or political affiliation. With our diversity of backgrounds, we know that a simple experience is created by different perspectives.

In order to make a positive and interesting environment for all, we ask that you just adhere to the following:

What We Encourage You to attempt to do In Our Communities:

  • Be supportive of each other.

In our interactions with each other, we strive to cultivate positivity by creating a supportive environment where people can feel inspired.

Did you see something you liked? Let us know. The best tool by is the advanced content rephrase tool, which encourages all kinds of engagement -likes, comments, shares, critiques, questions, suggestions and more.

Your interactions with IMAGENET customers should be polite and respectful to our community and employees.

  • Request help.

IMAGENET ‘ssuite of products - Images, Video, and Audio - are available to answer questions. However, IMAGENET does not always provide direct customer service, editorial or design services.

Contributor support on our social media platforms, we’re obliged to connect you to someone who can help.

If you have very specific questions, or need customer support please visit:


For any inquiries encompassing contributor support, if it's not too much trouble, email:


If you have any inquiries in regards to your Premium account, kindly email:


Share your challenges.

Your feedback is precious to us, and we’d love to listen. Please share your valuable views, want your suggestion, input, and information, guidance for upgrading our products, or your positive experiences.

What We Do NOT Allow:

  • Don't use hate speech.

IMAGENET will not sulfate discourse straightforwardly assaults an individual or gathering on the reason of race, identity, public beginning, religion, incapacity, infection, age, sexual direction, sex, or individual personality. Since we are an assorted worldwide local area, we are available to various sentiments, convictions, and concerns. You are compassionately approached to keep every single derisive remark, jokes, emoticons, GIFs, and so on off IMAGENET and the networks there. Remember that the remarks and reactions posted on our channels are from different clients who are not subsidiaries with us. We are not liable for the comments (appraisals, clarifications, etc) posted on our channels, which don't actually reflect the viewpoints on the web-based media site. ort baiting, annoying, or shaming of any kind towards the brand, delegates, just as its neighborhood. Bullying fuses, nonetheless, isn't limited to:

Don't bully or harass IMAGENET or members of our community.

IMAGENET won't uphold badgering, harassing, or disgracing of any sort towards the brand, workers, or potentially its local area individuals. Provocation incorporates, however, isn't restricted to:

  •  Insensitive comments, terms, or jokes about race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, religion, and others.
  • Intentional intimidation or stalking
  •  Threats of violence
  •  Unwanted sexual attention and advances
  • Unsolicited / Trolling
  •  Continued one-on-one communication after requests to cease

Don’t share obscenities.

Physically unequivocal and obscene language - including pictures, GIFs, or the improper utilization of emoticons isn't wanted. ? Don't act noxiously. Individuals from IMAGENET's web-based media networks don't appear to be exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else and should act as per our Community Guidelines and furthermore the IMAGENET Terms of Service. The pernicious movement incorporates, yet isn't restricted to:

  • Swindling, imitating, compromising, annoying, or hurting another client.
  •  Invading another client's protection.
  • Spamming a client or the local area.
  • Trying to fool individuals into sharing their own data.
  •  Unsolicited sales.
  •  Links to dubious websites.
  • Material possession Theft
  •  Unapproved admittance to IMAGENET sites or records..
  •  Uploading infections or malignant code or post connects to locales
  • Don’t post individual data.

When you post remarks on the web, it isn't simply us that sees them. Individual/contact subtleties ought to be saved for DMs as it were. This incorporates things like your own or any other person's telephone numbers, addresses, bank subtleties, email addresses, and so forth.

Note: To ensure the data and security of the record or individual, remarks including contact or record subtleties will be taken out and diverted to private messages where conceivable.


Comment Moderation and Response

We will put forth a valiant effort to direct and react rapidly to your remarks and criticism. Kindly recollect, however, that social posts contain the feelings and perspectives of different clients. In spite of the fact that we are directing our channels to assist with guaranteeing that clients' posts consent to these Guidelines, we can't be answerable for the exactness or unwavering quality of any remarks or materials posted by clients.

IMAGENET maintains all authority to decide if commitments to our web-based media in a local area break the above rules. Dismissal to the above will bring about stowing away or expulsion of remarks. We additionally maintain whatever authority is needed to report, square, or boycott clients who badger or on the other hand act with a pernicious goal as illustrated previously.

Any remarks we consider a danger to the organization or singular will be gone to the experts for examination as we feel essential or are legally necessary.

We May Use Your Posts

By posting on at least one of our web-based media channels, you comprehend that your posts, what's more, any thoughts or procedures contained in them might be unreservedly utilized by us in any capacity, and in any media, remembering for our different sites, web-based media pages, and in our business.

Likewise, kindly don't present any thoughts or materials that you wish to keep classified, or for which you hope to get remuneration. Likewise, when you post in any of our online media channels, your name, resemblance, and web-based media handle will be apparent and related to your post, and if we re-utilize your post somewhere else, we might show your name, similarity and handle there also.

Additional Considerations:

The above Community Guidelines apply notwithstanding the Terms and Conditions, IMAGENET Contributor Forum Guidelines, and other legitimate notification that is given by the proprietor of the web-based media stage.

If you have any inquiries or concerns in regards to the local area control or why a person or thing has been taken out, please DM us for an explanation.